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Garden of Apologies

Canadian Pepper Farm supplying Sorry Sauce Canadian Hot Sauce and others in Ontario.

2023 Grow List

Seedlings are available from April through June. Please check the Apology Store link above or contact us directly at to make arrangements. Plants are available for pickup in Mapleton, ON any time and at the Guelph Farmers Market between 7-12pm on Saturdays.

Pepper pods will be available August to October. We'll have them available on Saturdays at the Guelph Farmers Market. Please contact us at to let us know what you're looking for.

Capsicum Annuum

Anaheim Orange
Big Bertha
Black Hungarian 
Cayenne, Buena Mulata
Cayenne, Ho Chi Minh
Cayenne, Red
Chilhuacle Amarillo
Florida Bird
Jalapeno, Chernobyl 
Jalapeno, La Bomba
Jalapeno, M
Marconi, Purple
Marconi, Red
Purple UFO
Tunisian Baklouti

Capsicum Baccatum

Aji Limon
Aji Mango
Aji Mango, White
Sugar Rush Peach
Trepadeira Werner

Capsicum Chinense

7 Pot Bubblegum, Red
7 Pot Caramel
7 Pot Douglah
Bahamian Goat
Bhutlah Scorpion
Brain Collapse Peach
Carolina Reaper, Chocolate
Carolina Reaper, Chocolate Long Pepper
Carolina Reaper, Golden
Carolina Reaper, Red
Carolina Reaper, Yellow
Chocolate Bhutlah
Death Spiral
Dragon's Breath STR 3
Dragon's Breath
F4 Pimenta de Neyde / Ghost Peach
F4 Pimenta de Neyde / Ghost Pink
F4 Pimenta de Neyde / Ghost Orange
F4 Pimenta de Neyde / Ghost Red
F4 Pimenta de Neyde / Ghost White Large Pheno
F4 Pimenta de Neyde / Ghost White Small Pheno
F4 Pimenta de Neyde / Ghost Yellow
Ghost, Giant Chocolate
Ghost, Red
Ghost, Super JW
Ghost, White Pepper
Ghost, Yellow
Habanero, Orange
Habanero, Puerto Rican Yellow
Habanero, Red
Lemon Bob
Pimenta Moranga Peach Cross
Reaper Beast
Reaper Beast Peach
Scorpion, Apocalypse
Scorpion, Chocolate
Scorpion, Chocolate Apocalypse
Scorpion, Chocolate Moruga
Scorpion, Giant White
Scorpion, Moruga Red Monster 
Scorpion, Red
Scorpion, SRTSL
Scorpion, Yellow
Trinidad Douglah

Capsicum Frutescens


Capsicum Pubescens

Rocoto, Yellow

Garden of Apologies Canadian Pepper Farm

The Garden of Apologies and Greenhouse of Extreme Regret are part of the Sorry Sauce family in Mapleton, ON, Canada.

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